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medical care

  Aging, more and more obese people. Cost increases and health care spending falls. Transform hospitals from disease detection and prevention into large networks.

  Faced with such challenges, the new equipment needs to be able to diagnose and treat faster, safer and more reliable, while improving the comfort of patients and operators. OEMs need suppliers to provide high-quality parts and engineering expertise in order to bring new equipment to market.

  The products and technologies of Shanghai EYO are integrated into some medical equipment, which can be used to evaluate, protect and improve the quality of life of people all over the world. The design of these key components can help CT scanners capture clearer images, make the management of ICU more effective, and reduce surgical trauma.

  Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing Co., Ltd. provides specially designed bearing products according to the requirements of medical equipment. Tapered roller bearings, CT machine bearings, thin-walled bearings and other products used in medical devices can be specially designed and manufactured.

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