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Gear transmission

  Gear devices are widely used in industry. By using gear device, the small rotating force (torque) can be amplified, and the low-speed rotation can be quickened. For example, the power transmission devices, such as the speed-increasing components of the heart part of wind power generation, the transmission of automobiles, and the reducer of the Ferris wheel, are indispensable to many industries. Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing supports the whole world by providing "rotating" bearings, an important element of gear devices.

  In case of damage to gear device, it will bring great negative impact to users. Therefore, bearings need to have very high reliability. Shanghai Easy-to-buy bearings are committed to the pursuit of good design and improve production quality, in order to reduce user maintenance costs, provide a variety of bearings with long life, high load capacity and high reliability.

  In the future, Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing will continue to play its comprehensive capacity, pay attention to environmental issues, and strive to develop a new generation of special bearings for gear devices with smoother transmission and better long-term acclaim.

  Special bearings for gear devices require low noise, low vibration, low heating, light weight, high rigidity and long life. In order to satisfy customers in all aspects of energy saving, maintenance cost saving, small size, lightweight and high reliability, Shanghai Easy-to-Buy Bearing developed HPS self-aligning roller shaft by using all aspects of experience such as development and design ability, material technology, tribology technology and manufacturing technology which are proud in the world. Bearing and Cylindrical Roller Bearing EM/EW Series with High Rigidity Cage. This not only realizes the unprecedented long life and high limit speed of bearings, but also realizes miniaturization. Customers who use Shanghai Easy-to-buy bearings will have some experience with cutting-edge technology.

  This is a series of adjustable roller bearings with advanced materials and technology to achieve long life and high limit speed.

  Compared with previous products, this series of products enlarged the size of rollers and increased the number of rollers. In addition, the integrated cage with high rigidity and low friction loss is adopted, which has a long life and low noise.

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