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Automobile and Heavy Truck


  Cars here mainly refer to cars and light trucks. To achieve better energy efficiency, the automotive industry is experiencing an unprecedented period of change, driven by increasing awareness of environmental protection and stricter emission regulations. Computer technology has been used in the control and monitoring devices of many vehicle systems. New materials for professional automobiles, such as light alloys, have been gradually used in the production of mainstream automobiles, and new technologies can further reduce emissions.

  These and other changes present promising possibilities and difficult challenges for those involved in engineering vehicles and vehicle systems. Because more than a century of application expertise in the automotive industry as the backing.

  Now, Shanghai Easy-to-buy bearings can provide products with less carbon dioxide emissions, and ensure prolonged service life of automotive seals and other low friction sealing solutions.

  Heavy truck

  As fuel, road, driver and skilled technicians pay more, fleet owners know that to remain profitable, they need to find ways to improve efficiency in all areas of operation.

  Fleet operators need to extend the normal running time of the fleet and reduce the total operating cost (TCO), which is both a challenge and an opportunity for manufacturers of trucks, trailers and buses. By helping owners and operators solve key issues such as reliability, efficiency and safety, manufacturers can establish market leadership and win customer loyalty and success.

  Understandably, as manufacturers help fleets cope with tight delivery schedules, reduce maintenance costs, and avoid accidental failures that lead to loss of profits, as well as the risk of losing customers, fleets will also choose their preferred suppliers. As manufacturers and primary suppliers respond to the pressing challenges of competitive industries, the ability to utilize the resources of trusted technical cooperation partners will become increasingly important.

  In this regard, Shanghai Yiyou Buying Bearing Co., Ltd. has worked closely with leading truck manufacturers to enhance its performance by relying on a globally operated fleet. Shanghai Yiyou Buying Bearing has set gold standards for engine, gearbox, transmission system and wheel end performance. From unified truck hub to advanced sealing system, the expected service life of components is redefined.


  1. Wheel End

  Enterprises in the truck, trailer and bus industries are committed to maximizing operating time at low costs and low fuel consumption. Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing Wheel End Technology to help you meet customer needs. Shanghai Easy-to-buy bearings have internal capabilities in bearing, lubrication, sealing, assembly, surface and quality control. This means that we need to provide a range of well-matched and cost-effective components.

  2. Main reducer

  The main reducer is a gear configuration for driving shaft. It is basically composed of pinion, gear ring and differential. Spiral bevel gears or hypoid gears are mainly used. The main reducer has three functions:

  The pinion transmits the torque and speed of the transmission shaft at right angles to the gear ring connected with the differential; because of the gear tooth number ratio, the torque increases while the speed decreases; the differential allows turning at different wheel speeds. Because of the long distance of the outside wheel, this is necessary. But the torque remains constant.

  3. Transmission

  There is a strong need for continuous development and innovation in gearbox design.

  Reduce friction

  The success of transmission design and operation in the future depends on your ability to provide efficient and energy-saving products and solutions for customers. Doing so means that your supplier works with you to reduce friction (among other things). Lower friction means lower operating temperature and less ageing of lubricants, so faster speed and greater torque can be achieved. By combining our engineering knowledge in bearing, seal and lubrication, we can help you in low friction design, scale reduction, speed level, material selection and lubrication.

  Reducing Total Cost

  Reducing the total cost is the primary concern of most enterprises. For your customers, the purchase cost is an important issue, but more importantly, the operating cost per kilometer. With long service life, reduced maintenance needs and extended maintenance intervals, Shanghai Equity Bearing can provide fast return products. Our technical capabilities enable us to reduce bearings and provide weight loss. This will reduce costs and increase power/torque through the transmission while maintaining the same size.

  4. Engine

  With the increasing demand for reducing emission levels, today's gasoline and diesel engines are highly complex and computer-regulated equipment. Shanghai EYO Bearing is a system supplier, providing integrated, customized and cost-effective solutions to help you maintain competitiveness and prepare you to comply with future environmental regulations.

  Competitiveness means trying to reduce friction. Shanghai Easy to Buy Bearing provides a combination module including bearings, seals, lubricants and mechatronics. These can be further adjusted according to cost and functional requirements. Similarly, optimizing a larger module is more effective than optimizing only bearings.

  5. Drive Shaft

  Each truck has a standard assembly drive shaft that connects the transmission to the drive axle. Shanghai Easy to Buy Universal Joint Bearings for Long Distance, High Load and Harsh Environment