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Agriculture and Railway


  Modern agriculture is growing in demand. Scale, location, altitude, climate, soil structure and crop rotation make every farm unique. Agricultural equipment needs to operate under many similar challenging conditions. Mud, dust and debris are everywhere. The temperature is extremely hot and cold. The rain washed away. Sometimes there are corrosive chemicals. After a long period of idleness, we have to carry out high-intensity operation. Rising fuel costs and new environmental regulations can only complicate the problem.

  With our expertise in bearings, seals, lubrication and other fields, Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing Co., Ltd. helps original equipment manufacturers achieve a series of reliability, safety and environmental protection objectives for mechanical applications.

  Whether it is an integral device without disassembly or supplementary lubrication, or a centralized lubrication system that can automatically perform lubrication tasks, Shanghai Ego Agricultural Solutions can meet the growing application needs of the industry.


  With the concept of the Life Cycle Partnership of Shanghai Ego Bearing, Shanghai Ego will use all its expertise and technology to help railway customers solve the economic and environmental challenges they face:

  Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing has developed and provided various bearings for railway vehicles with high performance, high reliability and long maintenance cycle (axle, driving device, main motor), supporting the mission of "arriving at the destination safely, reliably and quickly".

  1. Passenger vehicles and locomotives

  Electric locomotives and diesel locomotives are the main equipment of all railway operators, which are used to tract trucks and buses. Some operators even use them for high-speed operation.

  In passenger transport, more and more electric and diesel EMUs are used in long-distance and short-distance operation, especially in short-distance shuttle operation.

  As an alternative to crowded streets and suburban areas in cities, public rail transport has become more important. Vehicles such as suburban trains, electric cars or subways, and light rail trains operate globally.

  Shanghai Ego has played an active role in the development of various types of axle boxes for different bogies to meet their diverse challenges. One of the main topics is increasing reliability and safety requirements, as well as compact settings to meet weight constraints.

  2. Trucks

  Railway operation needs technical and economic solutions with low life cycle cost. Therefore, axle box bearings need to reduce maintenance requirements. Axle box bearings must be able to work under full load vehicles and extreme weather conditions.

  Some axle boxes are also designed in the form of saddles. The typical requirement of trucks is to achieve extremely long working hours and maintenance intervals.

  3. Mechatronics

  Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing can provide a unique combination of bearings and electromechanical solutions for the railway industry.

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