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  Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing Co., Ltd. provides a variety of aerospace solutions, including bearings, seals, pull rods, struts, precision elastic equipment and telex control equipment for fuselage, aeroengine and gearbox. It also provides reliable spare parts, complete overhaul service and high performance alloy steel for aerospace applications.

  Whether it's an aircraft, helicopter or engine, Shanghai Ego's knowledge supports most aerospace markets in many applications, such as landing gear, gearbox, automatic tilter, engine, flight control,...

  Achieving appropriate solutions for appropriate applications, and ultimately improving performance and reliability, is the key to improving your profitability and reducing direct operating costs (DOCs).

  1. Actuation

  Among all the solutions of Aerospace R&D in Shanghai EYO, there are many solutions about actuation. From the pull rod or telex control equipment used for door actuation to the body bearing on the wing, Shanghai Easy Buy is sure to provide solutions for you.

  2. Body structure

  Shanghai EO solutions can improve the overall weight or mechanical specifications of well-known parts of aircraft structures, such as braces or body bearings.

  3. Engines and gearboxes

  Aeroengines and gearboxes are extremely demanding applications, requiring extremely high reliability and compactness tolerance range. Over the years, Shanghai Yiyou Bearing Aerospace has been responding to these challenges with products and services, and is an important manufacturer of engines and gearboxes.

  4. Flight Control

  Shanghai EYO can provide a full range of solutions from joystick or throttle control devices to mechanically actuated ailerons or spoilers to optimize flight control.

  5. Landing gear

  The application of landing gear is very demanding, because it fully supports the weight of the aircraft by hydraulic pressure. To help you achieve this goal, Shanghai Easy Buy Bearing provides a full range of lightweight and easy installation solutions.

  6. Automatic tilter

  For the main application of helicopter flight control - automatic tilter, Shanghai Yiyou Aerospace has developed a complete set of solutions for it: from self-lubricating sliding bearings to metal or composite pull rods, from sealing cover and gasket to sealing parts.

  7. Tail Rotor

  The main application of helicopter flight control is the tail rotor.

  8. Transmission

  The transmission is the main application of flight control and power transmission.