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Iron and Steel and Metallurgy


  In iron and steel industry, bearings are in bad working conditions. In addition to bearing fine iron powder, moisture and high temperature, bearings also bear high loads, impact loads, strong vibration and periodic acceleration and rapid deceleration. It is generally required that bearings have long life and high reliability.

  Few industries are comparable to the harsh working conditions of steel and other metal factories. Temperature and velocity limits. Heavy and continuous impact loads. Grinding dust, corrosive chemicals and high humidity. The comprehensive use of these conditions reduces the performance of the equipment, resulting in unplanned outage and difficult to carry out effective equipment maintenance.

  In order to meet the needs of customers, Shanghai Yiyou Bearing has been devoted to the research and development of bearing materials and structure, so as to improve the working life and reliability of bearings. The bearings manufactured by Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing Co., Ltd. are suitable for various technologies to meet the needs of customers, including heat treatment technology, higher reliability, material technology under muddy working conditions, with greater endurance under heavy load conditions, and optimized design technology, with longer service life.


  There are many kinds of metallurgical equipment, including not only the equipment needed by the raw material factory, but also the equipment needed by the steelmaking, rolling and leveling processes from upstream to downstream. These equipments are equipped with various bearings. These bearings are used under the special conditions of "iron powder", "water" and "heat" of metallurgical equipment, and also under the conditions of "heavy load + vibration shock", "from ultra-low speed to high speed + rapid acceleration and deceleration". They are used under the very bad conditions they hold. "Stable operation and improvement of production efficiency" is a representative industry proposition in the field of metallurgical equipment.

  Shanghai Easy-to-buy bearings make contributions to this proposition, not only in the high bearing design technology, but also from the bearing material technology, lubrication technology, analytical technology and other inherent angles, to promote the corresponding measures and research and development work every day. For this reason, Shanghai Yiyou Bearing has long been committed to solving the eternal problem of "long life and high reliability of bearings". Shanghai Easy-to-buy bearings have a strong product lineup for various metallurgical equipment, including standard bearings of ISO specifications, high-function special bearings developed by ourselves and other products. In addition, we have taken corresponding measures to provide new solutions to meet the recent demand of metallurgical industry for high value-added products and environmentally friendly products.

  The types of bearings used in metallurgical industry are deep groove ball bearings, angular contact ball bearings, thrust ball bearings, needle bearings (needle roller bearings), thrust roller bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearings, vertical self-aligning bearing with seat, outer spherical bearing with seat, and bearings for metallurgical equipment.

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