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Wind Energy and Power Generation


  There are three main types of energy: wind energy, solar energy and marine energy.

  1. Wind Energy

  It can improve the performance and profitability of wind turbines. Wind energy, as a clean energy and renewable energy, has attracted increasing attention. It is expected that by 2020, wind power generation will reach 12% of the world's total power generation. With the support of the national policy and the increasing emphasis on environmental issues, China's wind power installation will maintain rapid growth. It is expected that by 2020, China's wind power installation will reach 224923MW, accounting for 14.06 of the total domestic electricity installed at that time. Shanghai Yiyou Buy Bearing Co., Ltd. takes "manufacturing China's high, fine and super-large bearings" as its goal, conforms to the trend of rapid growth in demand for wind power equipment, increases investment, expands production capacity, and strengthens technical cooperation with domestic and foreign main engine manufacturers. Now it has fully mastered fan propeller-changing bearings, yaw bearings, etc. Design and manufacturing technology of spindle bearings, gearbox bearings and generator bearings.

  2. Solar Energy

  To meet energy needs. The world's demand for solar energy is growing rapidly. The key to this field is to increase the generation capacity as much as possible while reducing the cost. To achieve this goal, high reliability products and application of subsystems are needed.

  3. Marine Energy

  The key is to become more competitive. For the long-term viability of the marine energy sector, it is absolutely crucial to reduce the energy cost (COE) to the same level of capacity as offshore wind and other traditional power generation methods.

  To overcome the challenge of marine energy by using Shanghai Yiyou Buying: Shanghai Yiyou Buying Bearing Co., Ltd. has decades of rich experience in dealing with global wind, ocean, hydroelectric power, offshore oil and offshore gas production industries.

  Electricity generation

  Generation mainly includes the application of generators and generators. Its generator and generator do not have the same two applications.

  1. General purpose motors

  Reliable operation is necessary. Type recording motors are usually small to medium-sized, 1 to 500 kilowatt motors with high output and are generally not sold on shelves. Energy efficiency, reliability and trouble-free operation are the key to improve productivity.

  2. Motors for specific applications

  The motor for specific application can provide convincing performance for customers in various industries when the general motor is not available.

  3. Extra Large Electric Machines

  Large motors are expensive bearings. In large motors, the common bearing type is combined with hydrodynamic bearing and bearing seat. Hydrodynamic bearings, also known as sliding bearings, are very expensive to configure, usually accounting for 8% of the machine cost. However, there are many large motor applications that do not actually need hydrodynamic bearing technology.

  4. Control motor

  Requirements for control. The increasing demand for precise and variable processes, as well as increasing attention to potential energy conservation, require controllability of motors.

  5. Motor with Stray Current Problem

  The motor with stray current problem is susceptible to stray current. In motors, stray current can cause small pits on the surface of bearing raceways and rolling bodies. Especially the variable speed drive motor with PWM frequency conversion is more dangerous. With the passage of time, the damage of stray bearing current can lead to the increase of noise and heat, the decrease of lubricant effectiveness, and the excessive vibration, and ultimately lead to the premature failure of bearings.

  6. Belt drive motor

  The belt drive motor maintains control over the belt load. Compared with direct coupling applications, the motor driven by belt can withstand various load conditions.

  7. Traction motor

  Traction motors are used for motor bearings in railway application challenges.

  8. Wind Turbine

  Wind turbines provide high performance and low maintenance solutions for wind farms.

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