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  ROLLWAY was founded in Syracuse, N.Y., in 1908. Up to now, it can produce more than 2000 kinds of cylindrical roller bearings and tapered thrust bearings, especially large-sized roller bearings, which can be used in a wide range of applications ranging from food processing to metallurgical industry.

  ROLLWAY has a strong technical force and can provide high-quality services according to the actual needs of customers: for example, the outer diameter can be more than 42"; replacing contacts, tracks and holes are set to prevent reversal; using M-500 tool steel carbon steel and VIMVAR high-quality steel; and using copper, cast iron and phenolic resin as cages.

  Planar thrust bearing: is the biggest highlight in rollway product series. Tapered roller has the best radian, and the large end face of roller also has radian, so that bearing can bear strong load. It is often used in extruder, oil well machinery, coal crusher, homogenizer and rolling mill and other heavy load equipment, and is favored by OEM.

  British Roller Bearing: Roway with precise tolerance, single row, double row, double row alignment, selection of high-quality bearing steel, through centrifugal casting, machine tool processing, using double cage, ultra-precision long silent raceway processing, maximum fatigue life. We are familiar with Morgan Mill, GE, etc. is its loyal users.

  Metric and British cylindrical roller bearings: are the industry's most complete size specifications, the highest quality, M-500 tool steel and VIMVAR high strength steel use, to meet the most stringent requirements. As a result, it is leading the way in industry, military, aviation and aerospace.

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