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  SEALMASTER, founded in 1935, joined Emerson Inc. in 1983, which is one of the top 500 companies in the world. It is a large manufacturer of connecting bearings in North America. The seat bearings of SEALMASTER in the United States run day and night in Coca-Cola production line, glass bottle production line, steel production line, offshore drilling platform and a variety of other production lines. Machines working in extremely harsh environments bear the heaviest work and the greatest responsibility. Of course, the long-term normal and stable operation depends on the SEALMASTER bearings with excellent performances in all aspects, which are outstanding in this field.

  SEALMASTER bearings are widely used in electric power, steel, petroleum industry and other fields. Their bearing cages are all made of copper. The inner raceway area has been hardened to improve the wear resistance of the bearings. The sealing performance of the bearings is good. The sealing rings use the patent products of SEALMASTER company, and are suitable for the occasions of heavy dust and poor working conditions. Its maximum inner longitude is 5. Inch (127MM).

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