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  Japan Seiko Corporation (NSK Ltd.), founded in 1916, is a domestic manufacturer of bearings. For decades, NSK has developed numerous new bearings to meet the needs of users around the world, and has made great contributions to industrial development and technological progress. At the same time, NSK relies on its technical advantages in precision processing, continuously develops high, precision and cutting-edge products such as automotive parts, precision mechanical components, and actively carries out diversification in the field of electronic applications.

  At present, NSK [1] has established a sales network in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, and has more than 50 factories. The industry ranks first in the world. In order to thank the trust of the vast number of Chinese users, NSK is committed to exporting advanced production technology and management experience to China with sustained and rapid economic development, and gradually establishing and improving the three-position integrated enterprise system with production as the core, technology as the guidance and marketing information as the assistance. NSK will accelerate the process of localization of this system. And to provide more direct and perfect services for the vast number of users in China, and to make due contributions to China's industrial modernization.

  The main products of NSK are bearings, which are the basis of all machines; they are indispensable products in modern society; they are known as "grain of mechanical industry"; they ensure the quality of all industrial products; the purpose of NSK is to run and control; to investigate the operation/friction of machines to ensure the smooth rotation and operation; and they are timeless. No, it always provides a rich and colorful life for mankind and will contribute to the global energy conservation campaign and resource protection.

  NSK makes every effort to build a comfortable and safe society through the technology of "MOTION & CONTROL". While safeguarding the earth's environment, we should strengthen solidarity and cooperation among countries and people through undertakings around the world.

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