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  Kaydon company was founded in 1941, the headquarters is located in Michigan, the United States, more than 2000 employees, 17 factories, 4 independent business units. Kaydon bearing department is responsible for the production, sales and maintenance of kaydon slewing support bearing and ultra precision thin wall bearing. It has 6 factories. Kaydon bearings comply with ISO international standards and mil standards of the U.S. military.

  Kaydon thin wall bearing

  Kaydon's Reali-Slim ® thin-walled bearings are known around the world for their space and weight savings. Since 1941, the precision and reliability of the product can be fully qualified even in the very harsh occasions such as military industry and aerospace.

  Because the modern concept of simplification, miniaturization, lightweight and compactness has been deeply involved in the design of rotating equipment, in order to meet the needs of customers, Reali-Slim ® bearing is designed as a fully hardened, thin section anti friction bearing. Kaydon Thin-walled bearing solves the size / weight problems of traditional bearings, shafts and bearing pedestals, greatly reducing the design weight of the equipment.

  In addition to the ordinary environment, the Reali-Slim series thin-walled bearings of kaydon company are also suitable for harsh and corrosive environment. Dimensions from 1 "to 40" or 20 mm to 360 mm bearing bore and 3 / 16 "to 1" cross section are available. Kaydon thin-walled bearings can be provided in both English and metric sizes. Reali-Slim series can provide open, sealed and stainless steel bearings. In addition, ultra-slim series can provide ultra light thin-walled bearings. The service life of kaydon's Thin-walled bearing is more than 3.5 times that of other imitated brands.

  All products manufactured by kaydon company can provide all kinds of precision from abec1f (P0) to abec7f (P4) to meet different customer needs.

  Some technical samples of Thin-walled bearing:

  Kaydon thin wall bearing can be represented by 8-9 digit model.

  Bits 1-8 represent material, size, form, and precision.

  Bit 9 (optional) indicates the nonstandard internal structure.

  Digit 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10-13

  Nomenclature meaning material series dimension type cage precision clearance DFAR guarantee

  Example k g 120 x P 0 L - USA

  1st place - material (incomplete)

  Raceway / ball seal, dust cover

  A AISI 52100 steel single side teflon seal

  B AISI 52100 steel double teflon seal

  D AISI 52100 steel single side dust cover

  E AISI 52100 steel double side dust cover

  F AISI 52100 steel one side NBR seal lami-seal ®

  Number 2 - section size series (incomplete, please contact us for details)

  Radial thickness (inches) width (inches)

  Standard section a * 0.187 x 0.187 or 0.250 x 0.250

  B 0.312 x 0.312

  C 0.375 x 0.375

  D 0.500 x 0.500

  E 0.625 x 0.625

  F 0.750 x 0.750

  G 1.000 x 1.000

  Digit 3, 4 and 5 - numerical code of bearing bore size

  Multiply the nominal bore diameter of the bearing in inches by 10.

  Alphabetic code

  After "a" in the second place, add "a" to indicate that the dimension series is 0.187x0.187.

  Add a "a" after "H" in the second place to indicate that the dimension series is 0.187x0.250.

  After the "s" in the second place, add a "a" to indicate that the dimension series is 0.187x0.312.

  No. 6 - bearing form (incomplete, please contact us for details)

  A single angular contact ball bearing (not ground, cannot be used together)

  B angular contact ball bearing pair back to back

  C deep groove ball bearing

  D angular contact ball bearing pair face to face assembly

  7th place - holder (incomplete, please contact us for details)

  C nonmetallic composite material, split type, "spring lock type"

  D phenolic laminated cage, single piece, "spring lock type"

  E brass, split, "spring lock"

  F full roller / full ball bearing - no cage

  Bit 8 - accuracy (applicable to space equipment)

  (ABEC regulations are in accordance with ABMA standard 26.2)

  0 kaydon class 1 accuracy, equivalent to ABEC 1F

  1 kaydon class 1 accuracy with runout tolerance class 4

  2 accuracy of kaydon level 1, with runout tolerance of level 6

  3 kaydon class 3 accuracy, equivalent to ABEC 3F

  4 kaydon class 4 accuracy, equivalent to ABEC 5F

  6 kaydon grade 6 accuracy, equivalent to ABEC 7F

  8 other

  NO.9 - bearing internal fit (incomplete, please contact us for details)

  A clearance 0.0000 to 0.0005 in

  B clearance 0.0000 to 0.0010 inch

  C clearance 0.0005 to 0.0010 inch

  D clearance 0.0005 to 0.0015 in

  E clearance 0.0010 to 0.0020 in

  Digits 10 to 13 - DFAR certification

  All Reali-Slim ® bearings that comply with the provisions of the federal defense procurement code (DFAR) for "special metals" and "provisions for the procurement of ball and roller bearings" will be marked with "- USA" in positions 10-13. Even if the 9th digit does not indicate the internal matching parameters, the model can also contain "- USA". For example: kg120xp0l-usa

  Product line:

  The Reali-Slim ® product line includes seven open series and five sealed series of thin-walled bearings with bore diameters ranging from 1.000 in. To 40.000 in. The section size series is from 0.187 × 0.187 inch to 1.000 × 1.000 inch.

  Reali-Slim ® bearing type

  There are three basic types of Reali-Slim ® bearings: deep groove ball bearing (type C), angular contact ball bearing (type A) and four point contact ball bearing (type X).

  Reali-Slim ® bearing type

  A = angular contact ball bearing

  C = deep groove ball bearing

  X = four point contact ball bearing

  C series deep groove ball bearing is a single row radial ball bearing of conventional design. It's Conrad type, which means that the inner and outer rings have special displacements so that about half of the ball can be loaded.

  Reali-Slim ® bearings are available in a variety of cage types that evenly separate the rolling elements and prevent them from contacting and rubbing with each other. Common cage types include: continuous ferrule "spring lock type window hole", continuous ferrule round window hole, ring wire molding, PTFE spacer, separator ball, etc.

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