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FAG imported bearing work is the normal maintenance method

  In order to guarantee the normal operation of imported FAG bearing, and must have good smooth, rolling bearing load rating and smooth limit rotational speed is the assumption that the appropriate conditions for sure, smooth right is refers to the smooth agent selected is appropriate, smooth and appropriate dose, is smooth and bad often one of the main reason of the damaged bearing early.

  According to statistics, about 1/3 of the bearing damage is due to poor smoothness. When rolling bearings are rotating, they are worn out from time to time due to friction resistance. The rotary resistance of obstacle rolling bearing is composed of rolling friction, sliding friction and smoothing friction.

  Rolling friction occurs when the rolling body rolls on the bearing raceway. Insist on the guide surface of the rolling body in the frame, insist on the guide surface of the guard edge of the frame and roller bearing roller end face and ring guard edge on the onset of sliding friction; Smooth agent friction by the smooth agent in contact with the internal friction and smooth agent mixing and extrusion. Therefore, the resistance of the motion of impedance bearing is the sum of the above three kinds of friction. And the purpose of smooth grease and its smooth way to prevent the direct contact between raceway, rolling body, adhere to the frame metal, reduce friction heat 'make friction resistance to small, so as to reduce wear, avoid rust, extend its service life. Since FAG imported bearings are treated and packed with anti-rust treatment, do not open the packaging before the immediate device.

  In addition, the anti-rust oil coated on the bearing has a good smooth performance, about the ordinary use of bearings or bearings filled with smooth grease, can be directly used without cleaning. However, as for the bearing used for the instrument or the bearing used for high-speed rotation, use clean cleaning oil to wash away the anti-rust oil. At this time, the bearing is easy to rust and cannot be placed for a long time.

  Clean the bearing and housing to ensure no bruises or burrs from machining. There must be no abrasive (SiC, Al2O3, etc.) molding sand and chips in the shell. Secondly, check whether the dimensions, shapes and processing quality of the shaft and shell can fit the drawings.

  The way to install FAG imported bearing is determined by bearing fit, conditions and structure. It is common. As most of the bearings are rotated in the shaft, interference fit is required for the inner ring. Cylindrical bore bearing, press press or hot pack. The site of the cone hole, directly installed on the taper axis, or sleeve device. When the device reaches the shell, there is a lot of common clearance fit and a surplus of the outer ring, which is usually pressed by a press, or there is a cold-shrink fit method of the device after cooling. When using dry ice as coolant, the moisture in the air will condense on the surface of the bearing. Therefore, appropriate anti-rust measures are required. Whether the FAG imported bearing is correct or not affects the service life, accuracy and performance. Therefore, the design and assembly departments on the bearing device to full research. You want to stop the device in accordance with the operating code.